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【世界和平香】World Peace Incenses

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《世界和平香》是根據古代藏醫和醫書規定的配方手工製作而成。 它由45種不同的草藥成分組成,這些成分在西藏已有數百年的歷史了。 它可以緩解精神壓力、抑鬱、失眠、焦慮、背部和胸部疼痛。 它非常有效、無毒且不會上癮。 每盒有30支長9英寸的手造線香,可燃燒15分鐘。

[Made in Nepal]

《World Peace Incense》 is prepared by hand in accordance to the formula laid down by the ancient Tibetan doctors and medicinal texts. It is composed of 45 different herbal ingredients that have been used extensively for centuries in Tibet. It gives relief from mental strain, stress, depression, insomnia, anxiety, back and chest pain. It is very effective, non-toxic and non-addictive. Individual box contains 30 solid sticks measuring 9 inches in length and burning for 15 minutes.

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