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【因果香】Karma Incenses

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《因果香》是由56種不同的香草和藥材製成的。 這種香氣可以有助減輕身體上的痛苦,刺激消化,促進身體的發揮,精神穩定和頭腦清晰。 每盒有30支長9英寸的手造線香,可燃燒15分鐘。

[Made in Nepal]

Karma Incense is made from a blend of 56 different aromatic and medicinal herbs. This incense is said to lessen all physical pain, stimulate digestion, promote physical splendor, mental stability and clarity of mind. Individual box contains 30 solid sticks measuring 9 inches in length and burning for 15 minutes.

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